Pod View!

Staying at the Skylodge is a true once in a lifetime opportunity! There are only 3 pods so it can only accommodate 3 parties a night and this alone adds to the challenge of being able to stay here. We were lucky that Victoria booked us in right away when she heard it was on our list of Peruvian musts.

Home for the Evening!

Rodrigo picked us up at our hotel in Ollantaytambo some time in the later afternoon probably around 4pm. The drive to the sky lodge wasn’t that far from our hotel and again we had to separate what we would want for the evening into our day bag and leave our larger packs at base camp. We arrived at the base of the mountain we were going to have to climb up with the pods just little specks in the distance.

A night below a million stars!

Safely Standing on Top of our Pod.

We had a brief safety demonstration and off we went! Fernando was there to take all the pictures so we didn’t have to worry about that. He tells you about the packages before you start the climb and it just allowed us to really enjoy the entire experience. I don’t remember how much the pictures were but I do remember it was cheap and he emailed them all to us 2 weeks later.

Climbing Up!

To get to the pod you have to via ferrata up the mountain and then next morning to get down we would zipline. Fun! Having via ferrate’d in Canada we were ready so Elise led the charge. Up we started climbing! If you trust the equipment there isn’t anything scary about it. Yes, it’s a long way down but you are secured to the mountain. Ulises was kind of enough to stay with us in case anyone did have a bout of nerves.

Elise Leading the Way!

Thanks Ulises!

Some parts look as though you’re climbing straight up which you are but there are ladder rungs secured in the mountain so it is quite like climbing up a ladder, a very big ladder with the most incredible view! Some parts are easy as you just walk along the natural path of the cliff and stand on the rocks.

Going Up!

Walking Along the Rocks!

Don’t Stop, Keep Hiking Higher – Huayna Picchu, You can read all about that here.

Just Follow the Signs.

The biggest “challenge” climbing up is the wire bridge you have to cross. One at a time but really fun! It wobbles a bit but you won’t fall off.

Little Miss No Fear Herself!

Two Hands Works Too!

We were racing the sun a bit but otherwise would’ve climbed slower to enjoy the view. Luckily when it did start to get dark we had headlamps on our helmets and got to experience a whole new type of adventure. It’s hard to know how long we climbed for but if I had to guess I’d say 1.5 hours.

Getting Closer! Inca Butts Working Hard!


The View Was Something Else!

When we arrived at the top we landed at the dining pod. This was the communal pod with tables and a kitchen. It’s amazing what they do here, the guides literally carry all the food and supplies up in their backpacks and trash and linens down again with themselves in the morning. Dinner was nice and they even brought up wine so that was special! No wifi and no showers here which at this point we were used to and love not having wifi and just being in the moment!

Soup, Wine and Juice!

Perfect for the Vegetarian!

After dinner, Daniel took us to our pod, the one at the top which was perfect for spying! haha! And walked us through the pod. You enter through a portal door on the roof much like entering into a submarine, our room had 4 beds and a small bathroom. There’s water for brushing our teeth and hand washing. Daniel gave us a rundown of the toilet situation and which potty goes where. Honestly glad we only had to deal with this for one night, lots of bags, funnels and disinfectant! 

Cute and Ready for Us!

Part of the Bathroom.

Other Part of the Bathroom.

Silly Girls Crowded in the Bathroom!

You’re free to move about your pod freely and if you want to go on the roof they only ask for you to clip in and use the walkie talkie to let them know. We were hoping for a night of amazing star gazing but instead were met with a full moon and clouds. Pachimama wanted us to rest so we decided to listen. After taking turns figuring out the bathroom we all laid down to sleep.

Some Pre-Bed Spying!

Cloudy Full Moon.

In the middle of the night one of us was sick and after a quick walkie to the guides Daniel quickly appeared with some bread and more trash bags for the bathroom. This was great to know that if there’s an issue way up high the guides care and will come quickly to help.

Sleeping in the pod was just like sleeping anywhere else. There were curtains covering every window that we could choose to open or close and the beds, blankets and pillows were so very comfy!

Morning View!

The next morning we woke with the sun and enjoyed laying in our fogged up little pod. We climbed up and out to go to breakfast which was really good considering it came up a mountain in a backpack!

Climbing to Breakfast!

The Kitchen Pod Built Around the Cliff.

Look at this Fruit Salad!


Full of Breakfast and Great Views!

After breakfast we had some time to go back to our pod and pack up and enjoy. Fernando came to our pod to do a mini photo shoot which was honestly really funny!

It’s Crazy This Was Real!

Fighting to Get the Best View!

This Photo Shoot was Designed for Couples! So Funny!

When photos were done it was time to make our way down and off the mountain. This was fun! There’s about 6 ziplines to make it down to get to the bottom and it was very funny! One zipline is very long and requires a tandem run to make it to the bottom. Jess went with our guide Ulises and Elise and Ash went together.

Tandem Zip!

All the groups stay together so in-between runs theres plenty of time to take in the view and just enjoy the day. If you’re really brave you can condor on some of the runs just ask first which one you can do it on so you don’t get stuck in the middle of the line.

Elise Mid Condor!

Enjoying the Time Between Zips!

Love ZipLinging!

Jess Loves It Too!

Hi Mom!

Eventually we made it back to base where we started and our trip to the sky lodge had concluded. Surprisingly, the sky lodge team were the ones to drive us back to Cusco and dropped us off at our hotel there. Fantastic service.

View of the Pods from Halfway Down!

Unfortunately since we didn’t get to see the stars, we’ll just have to go back and visit again some time. Darn! 😉

  • We hired Crossing Andes and they worked out all the details of our skylodge adventure.
  • Visit the skylodge website HERE.
  • Pack a daypack with all your essentials, there’s no shower and no need for a lot of stuff.
  • Bring a camel back or a water bottle for water.

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