At the Top of Moray!

To completely switch gears from mountain biking we made our way to you guessed it, another Peruvian archeological site! Moray which is known for its multiple agricultural terraces is honestly much different than the other sites we’ve visited and quite pleasing to look at with its symmetrical design.

Entrance to the Archaeological Site of Moray.

Only about 50 km outside of Cusco, Moray is important because it’s terraces helps create micro climates that were each unique to grow different foods, medicines, etc. The constructions is quite advanced for the time even including an irrigation system and inca stairs.

Moray is a great place to spend the afternoon!

Love the Symmetry!

Inca Stairs!

This was an important agriculture and scientific site and really exhibits just how advanced the Incas were for their time. Soil was said to be brought in from different regions to test which plants and crops could grow in certain areas. From the top ring to the bottom ring there is up to a 15ºC temperature change.

Inside the Rings of Moray.

Don’t Get Too Close!

Walking around was fun and quite welcomed after our bike ride. We were very happy to have feet on the ground again. Climbing down into moray was easy. We enjoyed playing with the echoes from inside and it was cool to literally feel the temperature change from at the top. Surprisingly, climbing out wasn’t so bad either! Maybe all this altitude training was really paying off!

Inside Enjoying the Cooler Temperature.

We made Moray more of a quicker stop as we had other things we still wanted to see today but it’s also easy to see how you could get a tour and spend an entire afternoon learning about the different crops that were grown and the suspected reasons why.

Multiple Rings in Different States of Repair.

Mountain Biking Through the Peruvian Countryside, You can read all about that here.

Beautiful Day to Mountain Bike.

In the car following moray was when we were treated to Doritos rouleta and our minds were blown! Cheesy Doritos but be careful you might get a spicy one!! Worth it! (Not sponsored)

Doritos Rouleta! What a Gamble!

Beautiful Landscape as Always.

  • 53 KM From Cusco
  • Hours are Monday – Sunday 7:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.
  • Entry Fee included in the Tourist Ticket
  • Hire Crossing Andes and they can include this in your itinerary.

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