Happy Little Guy!

The morning of day 2 we met our lovely guide Victoria who also happens to own Crossing Andes which is the company we booked our Peruvian adventure through. We clicked right away! Vicky had a few activities in store for this day but it was to begin was a basket full of van snacks! Hello, yes please and thank you! Off to a great start!

First stop of the day was Awana Kancha which is a Living Museum of the Andes 25 or so km from Cusco where you can feed the alpacas and llamas and also learn about the process of turning each animals fur into colorful yarn and textiles.

Awana Kacha is a great place for furry friends!

Differences between Alpacas and Llamas.

Stretching those Long Necks!

Happy on the Hill.

We had a great time learning the differences between the different animals and also fighting for their attention as we fed them. These little guys were so very cute and honestly quite happy to see us!

Jess Feeding Her Friends.

Trying to Teach Alpacas Selfies.

Local Quechua women were weaving textiles which was fun to see and a nice suggestion so close to the gift shop! The gift shop here was beautiful, we thought since this was our first stop subsequent gift shops would be as nice and that is something we were wrong about. We didn’t buy anything here but regretted it later in the trip. If you’re looking for textiles or high quality authentic Peruvian memories I’d recommend taking a better look here. Since we didn’t buy anything we didn’t look at prices but everything looked high quality.

Team Weaving.

Colorful Yarn Hanging.

Balls of Yarn in the Basket.

Making Beautiful Textiles.

Another perk of Awana Kacha, real western style toilets! Take advantage when you stop here cause there are lots of Incan toilets the rest of our trip.

Colors and Cultures of Cusco, You can read all about that here.

Plaza de Armas in Cusco’s Main Square.

Our trip to Awana Kacha had us very excited for what else was to come in Peru. We love new animal friends.

Save Some for the Rest of Us Buddy!

Whatchu Looking At?


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