Gorgeous Views of the Valley.

Pisac was our second try at a reverse hike and to continue our altitude acclimation. This was much longer then our hike at Saqsaywaman but similar in design.

Agricultural Terraces.

JJ again drove us to the top of the hill and to the main entrance to Pisac. Thanks JJ! Unlike most visitors who stop here for a picture or maybe hike in a bit to the Intihuatana and turn around we were hiking all the way back down to the town of Pisac which was 3.5 KM away.

Gorgeous Views from the Top of Pisac!

Welcome to Pisac!

We stopped for some coco candies on the way up as they’re supposed to give a boost of energy and also to support the locals!

Beautiful Views Every Way You Look!

We were dropped at Pisac near the agricultural terraces, really neat to look at but also becomes a repeating theme at other Incan sites throughout the sacred valley. We walked across these and looked at the side of a neighboring cliff where there are tombs in the side of the hill.

Happy Girls on a Happy Day!

Look Closely and You Can See Tombs in the Hillside.

Once the Hike Starts, Its Hard Not to Look Back.

We followed the path along to the Incan citadel area towards the sun temple and the stone sundial also known as the Intihuatana. This area was really neat, different rooms were still laid out and it was easy to picture what it would’ve looked like back then and kind of start to imagine living in that time. We stopped at the view point to take a picture before the long winding road down to the town.

Following the Leader, the Leader, the Leader…

Intihuantana Sign.

Jess Standing In a Doorway.

Happy to Have Made it to Today’s Highest Point.

Legit Gorgeous Views. The Incas Really Knew How to Pick a Location!

Feeding Alpacas near Cusco at Awana Kancha, You can read all about that here.

Happy Little Guy!

The walk down was mostly easy, you need to watch so you don’t lose your balance as some parts are quite narrow. There’s also some very small unevenly placed stairs conveniently on a cliff with no railing, but go slow and there’s no problems.

One of the Few Up Parts.

Elise Enjoying the View Before Heading Down.

Elise and Ash Coming Down the Steep Steps.

Our tummies were growling and it felt like the closer we got the further the city still felt. You can see the city the whole way down which is nice to see the goal. 

Just Have to Make it Down There.

Single File is the Best Way to Go!

There were only about 4 people that passed on our way down headed on their way up. Those are brave people who probably had more time to get acclimated than we did.

Throughout our hike around Pisac we still felt the altitude but not quite as much as on day one. That’s progress!

Jess and Vicky Heading Down Stairs Towards Town.

Getting so Close to Town!!

After finally arriving in the town of Pisac we were quite hungry! Luckily Victoria had picked the Blue Llama for lunch. How cute it was inside and bonus points, they allowed me to have dessert with my trout!

How Cute is the Blue Llama?

First Ice Cream Treat in Peru!

When we finished lunch we walked around Pisac a bit in the markets and through some local artists workshops. I bought 2 items in Pisaq that I treasure and love! We were very happy girls heading back to Cusco after such a full day!

Pisac Markets.

  • 33 KM From Cusco on the East
  • Hours are Monday – Sunday 7:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.
  • Entry Fee included in the Tourist Ticket
  • Hire Crossing Andes and they can include this in your itinerary.
  • Pisac Markets are officially held every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Blue Llama is perfect for Lunch!

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