The Water is Like a Mirror.

After a nice breakfast at West Coast Wilderness Lodge, we headed back to change to get ready for our Princess Louisa Inlet tour. We met our guide Kev and were informed that aside from us, the only other people on our tour was a family of three and this family would be leaving after our final stop at Chatterbox Falls to take a seaplane back.

Out on the Sound.

We Always Luck out with the Weather.

Forest Along the Water, Look Out For Bears.

Elise Enjoying a Break for Hiking.

Kev was a great tour guide. He took us to see everything that the Princess Louisa Inlet had to offer. We stopped at the sea lion rock, at areas where we were able to search for petroglyphs, to smaller waterfalls and finally to Chatterbox Falls. The trip to Chatterbox Falls took about 2 hours with lots of informative stops along the way.

Keep your eyes out for a Bear!

Sea Lion Rock.

Happy Sea Lions!

Can You Spot the Petroglyphs?

There They Are!

Another Boat Cruising the Sound.

I Spy Chatterbox Falls.

At Chatterbox Falls, we were able to walk around a cedar boardwalk to explore the area. This allowed us to get real up close and personal with the falls. This area was so peaceful and like most of Canada it seemed we had the whole place to ourselves. After spending our allotted time here, we came back to the boat area to find that Kev had prepared us a nice snack complete with different cheeses, meats, and fruits/veggies. This was a nice refuel before watching the other people from our tour take off in their seaplane and loading back up for our boat ride back to the lodge.

Cedar Boardwalk.

Be Careful Around the Falls.

Chatterbox Falls.

Always Happy for a Day of Exploring.

Nice Place to Sit and Enjoy the View.

Snacks to Refuel for Boat Ride Back.

On the ride back, Kev made this fun for us. He continued to tell us about the area and allowed us to freely move about the boat to different areas. We found the front to be the most fun!

Loving the Wind In Our Hair.

Loving the Front of the Boat.

Kev promised us (or so we think) that we would see an eagle and just as if the universe had listened, we happened to see one soaring on our way back! The only thing missing: spotting a bear! The ride back to the lodge was a bit quicker than getting to Chatterbox Falls but in all the tour lasted about 4 fun filled hours.

The View Off the Back of the Boat is Great Too.

Jess and Ashley Loving the Boat Tour.

Hidden Waterfall.

Additional Information:

  • This tour was included in the two night package that we purchased with WCWL, but can also be purchased separately. The lodge partners with Egmont Adventure Center which is the company that provides these tours.
  • Cost: $215 CAD 
  • Time: The tour begins at 10:00 AM and lasts for 3-4 hours

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Did we follow this up with an evening Kayaking? Sure did! Check it out here!

Sea Plane Leaving the Inlet.

Really Neat to Watch Take Off.


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