Sunset Over the Sound.

After our Princess Louisa Tour, spending time at the hot tub, enjoying happy hour and an early dinner, we went forth with the phosphorescence kayak tour. Lucky for us, Kev was also our guide for this adventure!

Nice Way to Spend an Evening.

Ashley was the Kayak Pro.

Paddle Jess, Paddle!

This twilight kayak tour begins shortly before sunset and lasts approximately two hours. The tour listing promises the viewing of sunset and phosphorescence while dipping your paddles into the water. It also suggests the possible viewing of seals. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to see all three.

It’s just like buttering a biscuit!

Looking Like We Know What We’re Doing.

Trying to Catch Up.

As far as our personal experience goes, Ashley was really the only one with kayaking experience. I had kayaked before in Ocean City, Maryland, but I am not an expert by any means. Therefore, while Ashley requested her own kayak, Elise and I thought it would be better to share one.  What we didn’t realize is that it was actually more challenging to share one than to be on our own, especially because we were going against the current.

Elise Loves Being on the Water.

We donned our too big life vests and hopped into our kayak ready for adventure! We watched Ashley and Kev disappear into the sunset while we struggled to paddle along. That is, until we discovered that it was “like buttering a biscuit” and our team effort improved. We loved watching the seals pop up all around us and while the tour was intended to take us further out, we discussed this with Kev and were happy to float around and just marvel the sunset and seals.

Love Looking for Wild Life.

Kev kept us out until it started getting dark and then helped us paddle back in. This was one of our favorite activities.  Both the tour and the company were enjoyable and therefore this was a nice send off from the WCWL.

Float Party.

Additional Information:

  • This tour is now called the “twilight tour” and booking for it can be found here
  • Cost: $100 CAD 
  • Time: The tour begins before sunset and lasts for 3 hours

Book Twilight Kayak Tours Here

Loved Every Minute Of It!


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