Great Day to Be On a Glacier.

While in Iceland, we loved our into the glacier tour so when we saw that we could have the opportunity to go on a guided glacier walk on the Athabasca Glacier in Canada we were sure to include this in our itinerary. We find tours like this to be informative and we enjoy learning in whatever way we can while traveling.

Heading Up to the Glacier.

The Bottom of the Glacier was Dirtier than the Middle and the Top.

Clamp-On’s to Help Us Walk on Ice.

Glacier Melting Away.

Jess Helping Peter Be the Bridge.

This particular tour offers two start times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We chose the afternoon time on the day that we would be traveling up the Icefields Parkway from Yoho National Park to Jasper National Park. This way we figured that we could make a few stops along the Icefields Parkway in the morning before the tour.

We enjoy learning in whatever way we can while traveling.

People for Scale.

Such a Beautiful Place.

Jess Checking Out the Crevasses.

Mini Glacial Lake.

Show Us the Glacier Elise!

When we arrived at our meeting point, we were taken to an area where we were instructed to grab cramp-on’s, hats and gloves. Although it was summer in Canada, it was going to be cold on the glacier. While digging through the buckets and struggling to find hats and gloves that fit, one of the tour guides joked back and forth with us and requested us to be in his group. This turned out to be divine intervention because we were lucky enough to snag the tours owner, Peter as our tour guide.

Glacial Hole.

Cooling Off a Bit.

Really Deep Crevasse.

Another Glacial Hole.

Jess Looking Like a Glacier Model.

Peter spent a good amount of time briefing us on safety while on the glacier. He advised us to follow his path and to stay with the group. There are sometimes hidden crevasses and taking a wrong step can turn out to be deadly. We really enjoyed Peter’s sense of humor while walking along the glacier. We especially enjoyed his science lessons on glaciers with the use of a candy bar and his willingness to let us take ice as souvenirs of the glacier home.

Don’t Push Her!

Glacier Souvenir!

More about the tour:

  • The tour begins near the Columbia Icefields visitor center.  Arrive early so that you can explore the visitor center prior to the glacier tour. 
  • Cost: $105 CAD ($85.92 USD)
  • Time: tours take approximately 3 hours 
  • Distance: You will cover ~5km distance

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We Hope the Glacier is Still Here on Our Next Trip to Canada.

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