Bike and Beach, What More Could You Ask For?

Mountain biking is not something that Elise and I typically do, but Elise’s brother, WIll does.  Since he joined us on this particular trip to the Cook Islands, we decided to have a Q and A session with him about his biking experience.  We hope that this gives you insight about what the Cook Islands has to offer for the biking community.

Bike From Ride Rarotonga.

Q: How much did it cost to rent a bike?

The Cook Islands consider it “hiring” a bike. I believe all said and done the bike costs just around $80 USD For a 5-day use.

Q: Where did you go riding?

I actually rode around the entire island a few times, and ventured onto some trails two days during the rental.

Q: Did you feel safe?

I generally prefer to live on the edge. But the terrain was not too difficult, although did have some wet spots.

Q: What is the coolest place you found to ride your bike?

On the road, the entire perimeter of the island has ocean views (there’s really only one road). I did find a few hiking trails that worked for riding.

Q: Do they provide helmets or did you bring your own?

They provide rental helmets at the bike shop and recommend if you are traveling over the speed limit. I brought my own because rental helmets tend to be crusty.

Q: How was the quality of the bikes? Did they have a lot of options?

The bikes weren’t quite as advanced as my typical mountain bike, however they are well maintained and the staff was knowledgeable to help fit the bike properly and overview the features.

Q: Where did you rent your bike from?

Ride Rarotonga had a handful of bikes for rent. The Avanti hard tail was on the upper end of their selection. This was more of a entry level mountain bike, but plenty to have fun on the local terrain. I would suggest bringing pedals.

Q: Would you recommend them?

I’m pretty sure Ride Rarotonga is the only bike hire on the Island, so yes by default. The owner was interested in continuing to attract Americans to ride there, and hopes to grow the selection of bikes, as well as better document the trail network in the future.

Ride Rarotonga

Rain of Shine.
Beautiful Place to Ride a Bike.

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