A Peek at the Blue Lagoon as You Walk In.

What is the blue lagoon? The blue lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. It began as a pool of wastewater from Svartsengi geothermal plant and once people began noticing healing qualities of the water is was turned into a luxurious spa.

We Have Arrived.
Entering the Blue Lagoon.
Blue Lagoon Facts.

Why Go? If your research of Iceland was anything like ours, one of the must see places that kept coming up in every google search was the blue lagoon. It has been named one of National Geographic “25 wonders of the world” and has therefore been a must visit place in Iceland for visitors. The blue water is due to high mineral content and its location near lava and rich soil. This high mineral content has attracted many visitors with skin conditions in hopes of soothing and curing their skin. Whether you are looking for a relaxing activity to do, wanting to clear your skin, or just wanting to hit all of those bucket list places, you should definitely spend some time at the blue lagoon.

Soaking Up those Mineral Benefits.
Happy Ladies.
Plenty of Room for Everybody.

What was it like? Overall, we enjoyed our experience at the Blue Lagoon! Upon arrival, we were given wrist bands which indicated our pre-purchased package. We were then directed to a locker room area where we changed into our swimsuits, showered, and locked up our belongings. Once in the blue lagoon area, be warned that it will likely be cold outside of the actual blue lagoon waters (remember it’s cold in Iceland in the shoulder seasons and winter). The water itself is warm and it’s relaxing to wade around in the waters while sipping champagne from swim up bars. We definitely took advantage of the silica and algae mud masks which were washed off in the water after the recommended time. Luckily, we read many blog posts about the blue lagoon ahead of time and were warned to avoid getting our hair wet. It is very difficult to wash out and brush your hair after it is full of the mineral water. Admittedly, we did get our hair a little wet, but our hair received the TLC it deserved from Davines Oi oil and we changed our clothes and headed to our dinner reservation at Lava.

Elise Loved the Face Masks.
Working Those Face Masks.
Blue Water.
Beautiful Watching the Sunset.

How much did it cost? Although the packages have recently changed, we chose the premium package which included entrance to the blue lagoon,silica mud mask, use of a towel, 1st drink of choice, algae mask, use of bathrobe, slippers, reservation at lava and sparkling wine of choice at lava. Cost 9500 ISK.

Jess Loved the Sparkling Wine.
Jess and Maggie enjoying the Afternoon.
Blue Lady Jess.

Did you dine at LAVA? How was it? Since we chose the package with dinner reservations at lava, we decided to go ahead and eat here. LAVA offered meals as two and three courses or you could order a la carte. We decided to get the tasting menu. This included char, scallops, lamb, and dessert. This cost us 10400 ISK, but it was well worth the price. The food was phenomenal and the views from the inside were just as nice. Interested? Make reservations early as it gets very busy here at dinner time.

Lagoon Views from Inside Lava.
Smooth Skin and Full Bellies, What a Successful Trip to the Blue Lagoon.

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