A Great Balance of Nature and Urban Areas.

Hong Kong completely blew our expectations. What a clean, quiet, diverse city with plenty of activities to suit anyone you’re traveling with! We always tend to navigate towards nature activities and were surprised how easily accessible they were from the city centers.

Great Place to Explore on a Stop Over!

Located near the coast of China, Hong Kong is rich in culture with influence from both U.K and China.  The people of Hong Kong speak Cantonese, but we found mostly everyone also spoke English and signage was in both languages. We were only able to spend a few days in this country and although the protests were happening at the same time, we got a good feel of what Hong Kong is all about.

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Typical Hong Kong Housing.

Beautiful View from Shek-O Park and the Dragon’s Back Trail.

Out Here You Don’t Even Realize You’re In a Major International City.

Views Like This Never Get Old.

Who Needs a Stair Master When You Have These Stairs?!

Big Wave Bay!

If You Go to Hong Kong and Don’t Eat Dim Sum, Did You Even Go to Hong Kong?

Views From the Roof!

Nightly Laser Light Show.

Lots of Colors at the Jade Market.

Bagged Fish!

Squid! Squid!

Up Over the Mountain!

Cable Cars are an Excellent Mode of Transportation!

First Glimpse of Tian Tan!

Hi There!

Nature Reclaiming its Space.

Who’s Room is This?

Wisdom Trail.

Jess Getting the Wisdom!

Very Peaceful Here.

South China Sea.

Hong Kong Homes.



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