Jess for Scale.

We followed signs from Big Buddha to the Wisdom Trail with intrigue as we didn’t have any idea of what it was. When we head Big Buddha we thought he would be alone at the top of a mountain, no idea that there was so much more to discover. We’re always down for adventure so the signs we did follow.

Just Follow the Signs.

Past some bathrooms and a bus station to another Wisdom Trail sign we wandered. The beginning of the path is paved and the foliage surrounding it is very lush and green.

If you’re looking for a moment of quiet, find the Wisdom Trail!

Nice Paved Path.

Lush Green Foliage.

Out of nowhere there were abandoned buildings. Seemed to be an old area that included some sort of sleeping quarters, a snack bar restaurant type area and a few indiscernible buildings. Abandoned buildings are mysterious and fascinating so this was a bit of a treat! There were also signs for a monastery and a youth hostel. I would imagine if you were doing the longer multi day hikes the hostel would come in quite handy.

New and Old.

This Used to Be Someone’s Room.

Refreshments Anyone?

The Plants Have Really Started to Reclaim the Area.

A Great Place to Have a Popsicle.

Next we wandered down a path surrounded by quiet nature and it was quite lovely. Now, until we reached the next bit I would’ve thought we were on the Wisdom Trail. But alas we were wrong as the trail opened up into a field with signage and benches, a pagoda and maps. The wisdom trail itself is at the end of this path and quite small.

Keep Following the Path.

Loved These Big Leaves.

So So Lush!

Where the Path Opens Up.

The Wisdom Trail is a small path lined with 38 wooden posts inscribed with the heart sutra prayer in Chinese characters.  The Heart Sutra is a text revered by Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists alike. The Wooden posts are in the shape of infinity with the path running through it. The posts are meant to mimic the typography of the landscape and the post at the very top is left blank to symbolize emptiness.

Heading Up the Wisdom Path.

The Posts are Intended to Symbolize Bamboo.

Jess Enjoying the Wisdom Trail.


The Wisdom Trail offered multiple directions which included a lookout point, views of the surrounding mountains, and a lovely view of the South China Sea. There is also a directions and a map that will take you to Lantau peak. We enjoyed our Subway while keeping an eye on the time. Although it would’ve been an adventure in its own right we had no intentions of sleeping in that hostel tonight!

Below This Sign is the Viewing Platform.

A Breakdown of Each Post.

The Wisdom Trail from the Viewing Platform.

Peaceful View of the South China Sea.

It remains to be seen if we gained any Wisdom on the trail but we did enjoy ourselves and the walk. Hong Kong is a peaceful place in general but if you’re looking for a moment of quiet between hiking or a break from what we could only imagine gets quite busy during a non protest day then we definitely recommend taking the walk to the Wisdom Trail!

Blends Perfectly with the Surroundings.

Elise for Scale!

Key details: 
  • About a 15-20 minute walk past Big Buddha
  • No bathrooms on the trail we saw so use the ones near the bus station on the way
  • Bring mosquito repellant as the mosquitos were out.
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