Middle Lake.

For this day we planned Joffre lakes, a provincial park between Whistler and Salmon Arm. This hike included three lakes, a lower, middle, and upper lake. It was also only about half the distance and a third of the elevation gain of our first and previous hike at Garbaldi Lake. Three different lakes makes for three different resting points and half the distance and decreased elevation gain makes for a less challenging hike. This wasn’t sounding bad at all.

Joffre Lakes.

We woke up encouraged to begin our day. Upon getting out of bed, we realized that we were sore, but the tiger balm and aleve seemed to do wonders. We taped up Elise’s ankle again, packed our bags, and hit the road. Ready or not, Here comes us Joffre Lakes!

Ready or not here comes us, Joffre Lakes!

Ready for Another Afternoon Hike.

This hike was enjoyable. Despite our muscle soreness from the Garbaldi lake hike, we didn’t seem to struggle much on this one. We were stunned with the beautiful blue color of these lakes.  We almost felt like we were standing in front of a backdrop for photography. We had no idea that lakes this beautiful were in existence. This lake provided many photo-ops and we just couldn’t get enough.

The Lower lake is just a short walk from the parking lot that is relatively flat. The lower lake doesn’t have the same gorgeous blue color as the other glacial lakes but was surrounded by trees and mountains so still very nice.

Joffre Lakes Lower Lake.

The hike to the middle lake is the most strenuous part of the hike. For a good portion you are in direct sunlight and after that there is a steep staircase that needs climbed. Just be sure to carry plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Once you reach the middle lake this portion of the hike is totally worth it.

Out of the Woods into the Sun.

Elise Loving the Views.

Path is Completely Exposed to the Sun.

Beautiful Scenery and Beautiful Lakes.

Elise Made it to the Middle Lake.

Water so Clear.

Jess Happy at the Middle Lake.

Between the middle and upper lake there is a large waterfall to break up the hiking. To reach the upper lake the trail because large rocks that you need to be able to maneuver over and climb. We wouldn’t recommend this for people who aren’t comfortable climbing up and over large rocks. This lake is where we rested the longest, and ate our snacks.

Waterfall Between Middle and Upper Lake.

Joffre Lakes Upper Lake.

Jess Enjoying the Top of the Hike.

The hike down was a bit of a challenge as well, stairs are always a bit harder going down and being in direct sunlight tires anyone out.

River Near the Upper Lake.

Jess Remembering the View.

Love Being Out of the Trees.

Crazy to See Glaciers in Summer.

Lead the Way Down Jess.

With rest stops included, this hike took us between 3-4 hours round trip allowing us plenty of time to hit the road and make our way toward Salmon Arm.

Never Met a Hike We Didn’t Like.

Hike details: 
  • 4.8 miles
  • 1,610 ft gain
  • Restrooms in Parking Lot
  • Free Parking

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