Sunset Over the Beach.

One of the best solutions for relieving stress? Head to an island where you can spend your entire days eating, sleeping, and relaxing at the beach.  That is, unless the one you pick to visit is full of chickens who have no concept of you relaxation plan!

Nice Beach House.

When we went to Iceland in 2017, I did a lot of research on the hours of sunrise and sunset and the average temperatures for the month that we went.  I did not do the same for the Cook Islands. I figured I was going to the beach, and although the cook islands are six hours behind my home of Columbus, OH I figured sunrise and sunset would be around the same times as back home.  I did realize that it was winter there, but all I really cared about at the time was going to a place where there was warm weather and beautiful beaches.

Upon arriving, I was eager to check out the weekly forecast.  Only then did I realize that sunrise was around 7:15 AM and sunset was as early as 6:10 PM.  This sounds pretty good when you’ve planned a relaxing vacation where you can unplug and just enjoy the tropical paradise after a good night’s rest. WRONG.  

We definitely did not account for an island full of chickens and roosters that are free to roam.  There chickens and roosters make noise at all hours of the night and during the day. It is not uncommon to be awaken as early as 4:00 AM, which makes naps on the beach frequent and required.  If you are a light sleeper and you are planning a trip to Rarotonga then this post is for you. Don’t forget to add earplugs to your packing list before heading to this island paradise! Trust us, you will be happy that you did.

Yard Chicken.
Happy Rooster.
Black Rooster Ready to Wake us Up.

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